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How to use the invite link and choose how you want new clients that sign up through an invite link to be added to the workspace

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Share your invite link to your social media pages, onboarding emails, or anywhere. Clients can just sign up with the invite link without you manually adding them! If you are running out of seats, they will be added to a waiting list. This will save you lots of time ⏰

How to use the invite link?

  • Share the link on your social media

  • Add the invite link to your first onboarding email after a client purchases to automate registration

  • For a gym owner, you can use the invite links to assign clients to a specific coach.

Where to find your invite link?

You can find your own invite link near your profile picture on the Client List page.

Invite Link Settings

Choose how you want new clients that sign up through an invite link to be added to the workspace:

  • Activate clients automatically: if your workspace has client seats available. But when seats run out, new sign-ups will be added to the “Waiting Activation” list.

  • Always add clients to the “Waiting Activation” list. From there, you can activate each client individually.

From the Client Profile > go to Settings > Under the Workspace > Navigate to the Teammate page > You can find the Settings for the Invite Link for your workspace here.

Click on the Settings icon and choose your preference and click save! Now all new clients signing up through your public invite links will follow this new setting.

How does the invite Page look like?

You can add Custom Branding to the signup page to make it more personalized!

What if my subscription is out of seats?

No worries, all the new clients will be added to a Waiting Activation list. You can then choose which clients to activate and which clients to remove after upgrading your subscription. You can always archive existing inactive clients to create more available seats.

As an Admin, how to share my Coach's invite link?

If you are an owner or admin of a workspace, you will have access to the Team Page to see all the Coach's invite Links.

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