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Getting Started

Learn how to manage your training programs and clients

Everfit's Workout Builder

Everything you need to write workouts and manage client training

Manage Clients

Everything you need to know to manage clients

Nutrition Coaching

Understanding how to use Everfit to assign tasks to increase accountability

Tasks & Habits

Increase client accountability with task and habit tracking. Provide holistic coaching and integrate mindfulness and healthy lifestyle changes for long-lasting results.


Track and Manage any Metrics

Group Coaching (Autoflow / Automation)

Learn how to create and manage an Autoflow

On-demand Training Features

Powerful low-touch tools to scale your training business

Payment & Packages

All-in-one payment solution that lets you collect recurring or one-time payments

Team Features

How to invite a new member and share training assets with the team

Client App

Understanding basics about the Everfit client app


First steps to setting up your brand new Everfit Account

Forums and Leaderboards

Learn how to use tools to develop community and motivate your clients

White Label Solution

How to set up your Apple Developer Account and Google developer Account

Privacy and Security
Zapier Integration
Meal Plans and Recipes