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Client List: How to use Segments
Client List: How to use Segments
Default segments, and how to create new segments
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As your client base starts to grow, using Segments is the fastest way for you to filter clients based on specific attributes.

Default Segments

We've prepared 5 default segments to help you filter based on the client's status. The segments are all set up to filter for your own clients, rather than clients from other coaches on your team:

  1. Connected: A client that has already fully connected through an account.

  2. Pending: A client that has been sent an invitation but not created their account yet.

  3. Offline: A client that has been created but not been invited yet.

  4. Need Attention: The client's last activity was more than 5 days ago. "Last activity" is updated anytime a client logs into the app.

  5. Waiting Activation: Clients that signed up through your invite link or a package after you have run out of client seats.

Create your own segments

You also have the option to create your own segments by adjusting the different filters. Each segment represents a collection of filter settings, so you can for example create a list of your "in-person offline clients" by filtering using the "In-person" category and the "Offline" status.

You can also adjust the filters for each of the Default Segments and click on 'Save segment' to either create a new segment or save over the existing segment.

Segment clients using Groups

Besides using our built in filters, you can use the Group tagging function to filter your client list. You may want to prepare a list of your "top-tier" clients or all the clients "in-recovery" or all that are focused on "weight loss".

All you need to do is to:

  1. Select all the clients you want to group together and click Groups

  2. Type in a group name and click Create

  3. Click Apply

  4. Choose the Group filter and select the newly created group

  5. Click the Save Segment button that just appeared

  6. Name your segment, and click Done

Collaboration with teammates

Segments can also be shared and used collaboratively within your workspace. To share a segment with your teammates, all you need to do is change the sharing settings to public.

  1. Looking at your client list, on the left-side panel, find the "wheel" icon next to "Show more".

  2. Click on the button to see all your custom segments

  3. Choose the segment you want to share and click on "Edit"

  4. Find the 'Sharing' field and use the dropdown to change to "Shared", and click "Done".

Now you're ready to take control of your client list โœŒ๏ธ

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