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Selling your first package

What happens after my client makes a purchase?

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Your package is available for sale *high five* βœ‹, so you may be wondering what happens when you sell your first purchase.

Here is a general overview:

One-time payment Purchases

When a customer successfully purchases a package that has a single payment, they will be prompted to sign up or log in to their existing client account to activate the purchase.

At the same time, the customer will receive a confirmation email with instructions to activate the purchase. And the coach selling the package will receive an email notifying the sale as well. The workspace will be notified of any payment activity. And the purchase will be set as "Active".

Once the customer activates the purchase, the customer will receive a confirmation email and the coach selling the package will be notified confirming the purchase has been linked.

If the client is brand new to the workspace, they could be activated immediately or join a Waiting List if your workspace does not have enough client allocations. If they are on the "Waiting Activation" client list segment, you will need to check and activate the clients manually.

A few days after payment, your workspace will receive the payout directly to the designated bank account. πŸ’°βž‘οΈπŸ˜„

Make sure you have completed the Identity Verification to receive your payouts. The initial payout usually takes about a week, and subsequent payouts take about 2-3 days.

For one-time purchases, the purchase will remain active until it is marked as "Cancelled". This designation is only used for each workspace's tracking purposes, and will not affect the client's training status.

Recurring subscription Purchases

Recurring subscriptions will work similarly as One-time payments, besides for multiple credit card charges.

When your client is making a purchase, they will be prompted to electronically sign an authorization to charge their credit card automatically.

After confirming the purchase, the steps will be similar and the client will be prompted to activate the purchase. Once the purchase is activated, the coach selling the package will be notified.

For subsequent charges, the payment cycle will begin regardless of when the client activates the purchase. For example, if the subscription charges every 2 weeks and the first payment is Jan 1, the next payment will always be Jan 15.

For recurring subscriptions, the client will be charged the set number of payments and the purchase will remain active until it is automatically marked "Cancelled" after the set number of payment periods. A coach can also choose to cancel a purchase early to stop the recurring payments.

In the case of packages that recur "forever", the payments will continue until a coach cancels the purchase.

Failed recurring payments

In the event that a recurring payment fails, the workspace will be notified and the coach will have an opportunity to retry to credit card payment.

In order to not spam the system, you can retry the charge up to once a day.

Managing Purchases

Your client can view their purchases and manage the credit cards used by logging in on the web at

After your client logs in, they will see the list of purchases made, and for recurring purchases, they will be able to update their credit card on file.

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