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Client App: Purchases

How to activate a purchase and manage your credit cards

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After you've made a purchase, you may have questions what will happen or if there is anything you need to do. We'll try to answer all questions you have below.

Activating a Purchase

After you've made a purchase, you will be prompted to Log in to your existing client account or Sign up for a new account to activate the purchase. This will link the purchase to your account.

If you close out the window before completing this step, you will also receive a confirmation email with instructions to activate the purchase, so you can head to your email inbox. At the same time, your coach will receive an email notifying them of the purchase with your invoice number.

Once you have activated your purchase, your coach will be notified once again. Now you can log in to the client app and get started!

Managing Purchases

If you have any recurring subscription purchases, you can view all your purchases and manage the credit cards by logging in on the web at

After logging in, you will see the list of purchases made, and for recurring purchases, you will be able to update the credit card on file.

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