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View your Client's Logged Activities
View your Client's Logged Activities

When your clients log extra activities, motivate them with feedback and encouragement!

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Coaching is an art form that combines science, planning, and encouragement. And despite all the planning, you could make, we understand it also requires flexibility. Your clients may not always eat as you suggest, and you can't predict all the activities a client may want to do.

That's why we created the "Log Activities" feature. So your clients can freely complete exercises and activities that you haven't planned, but still, communicate what they have done. You can let your clients live life and choose the yoga class or run they want to take, but also get rewarded for what they've accomplished.

Activate Log Activities for your client

As usual, there's one central location to turn on the "Log Activities" feature for each client. Simply head to their settings page and toggle on the Log Activities option.

If you want clients to be able to comment on their custom activities, ensure that the checkbox is selected.

View your Client's Record of Activities

You can view the list of activities your client has logged from the web on the client's "Training Calendar" by switching to the "History" view. Any recent activities will show up in the "Updates" section on a client's Overview page. Additionally, if you have notifications for client workouts turned on, you will get a notification when an activity is logged.

View the summary on your client's Training Calendar

View the details of an activity

You can leave feedback and comments for each activity. Or show your encouragement by giving a high five πŸ™Œ . Your clients will be notified when you gave a high five and can view it in the comment pop-up.

Coach App

On the coach app, you can find your client's logged activities within a client's "Workout History".
Access this by tapping open a client's profile > choose "Others" > choose "Workout history"

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