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Improve your coaching with better client feedback

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We know how important communication is for understanding your clients better and building effective training regimen. The Workout Comment feature helps trainers collect clear feedback after workouts, so you can review and plan your clients' future training better.

Workout Comments

During each workout, your clients can tap on the comment button for each exercise to leave 3 types of comments:

  • Message

  • Image

  • Video (eg. Form check video)

When a workout is saved, the comments will show up in a unified comment thread for the workout, and each will be tagged according to exercise, so you don't have to do any digging.

After a workout, your clients can leave a workout rating and also add additional comments. This will give you a fuller picture on how your clients did.

Where to See your Client's Comments

So, your client finished a workout and has left you some comments. Now where do you find them?

On the Web:

1) The quickest way to access new comments is to click on the notification for that client's workout.

This will open up the completed workout and the comment thread, all in one place.

2) You can also access a completed workout from a client's training calendar. All completed workouts will be labeled with a "checkmark" icon.

On Mobile:

Similarly, you can access the completed workout and comments from the Coach app (iOS, Android).

1) Tap on the notification for that workout.

2) Tap the completed workout on the client's training calendar.

Woohoo! That's it. Now you will never miss a message.

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