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Log client workouts

How to save workouts your clients have completed

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Using the Client app, your clients or athletes can log workouts from their phone.Β 

For clients you train in person, you can also record what they have done, directly on the web interface or using the Coach app.


On the Web

To log workouts from the web, all you have to do is to go to the client's training calendar, hover on the menu for the workout, and select 'Log Workout'.

You will be able to edit the workout and save actual values the client completed.

When logging different section types within a workout, you will see that the display is different.

Regular section & Interval section

For regular and interval sections, the exercises will show up as a list. You can scroll down to view and then check off each exercise or the whole workout at once.

Timed Section

For a timed section, you will see a different screen. You will be able to start and pause the timer any time you want during tracking the workout.

The number of rounds will show up under the workout name. You can just click to switch between rounds. At the bottom, there is a Training Time section that you can adjust.

AMRAP Section

You will be able to add more rounds to an AMRAP section on the fly by clicking on the β€˜+’ button. Similar to tracking timed sections, you can start and pause the section any time during the workout.


On the Coach App

Similarly, using the Coach app, all you have to do is go to the client's training screen and tap on the workout you want to track. It's as easy as that!

Once a workout has been completed, you can leave comments that help your clients grow. This is where you can leave encouragement or where your clients can ask questions.

Happy training!

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