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Client App: Track a workout

How to start and track a workout on Everfit

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You've been assigned a workout from your coach. If you are not sure what to do, we'll show you below how to start and track the workout, so you can save your data and communicate with your coach what you have done.

Starting a Workout

After you tap 'Start Workout' on the Today screen, you will find details of your workout and instructions on how to complete those exercises. The anatomy of the screen is as shown below:

Press 'Start Workout' to start tracking the workout.

  • If the workout has already begun, you will see a 'Continue' or 'Cancel' button instead.

  • Before you start, you can check the 'Workout Settings' to modify if you would like the Rest timer to automatically run when you complete a set or if you would like the exercise videos to play automatically.

Tracking a Workout

After you start the workout, it's time to get moving! Depending on how the workout is structured, you will see 3 types of displays:

Single Exercise

This will be the most common type of setup. You will find all the instructions and prescribed sets from your coach. All you need to do is follow the instructions and tap the checkmarks to mark what you have completed.


Another common type of workout is supersets, which means you will be doing a couple of exercises (usually 2) back to back for each set.

The overall set up is the same as for a single exercise, except you will see each set separately. You just need to follow the sets from top to bottom to complete the supersets assigned.

Workout Section

There are four types of workout sections: Regular, Interval, Timed, and AMRAP. Each section type will have a different flow as to how you will do the workout, but the starting screen will look the same.

After you click Start Section, you will be prompted with a 10-second countdown to give you some time to prepare for the first exercise.

If you aren't sure how to do an exercise, tap on the video or image for instructions on how to complete the workout.

Edit exercise units

When tracking a workout, you can modify the unit for exercises with Distance or Weight tracking fields. Just tap on the unit area to open a popup where you can select a different unit for that metric.

Checking off Completed Sets

To complete a set, tap on the checkmark icon next to each exercise when you are finished.

Rest Timer

If your coach prescribed a rest time and you have the automatic rest timer on, then a timer will pop up when you check off the set. You can minimize the timer if you want to take a look at the next exercise. At the end of the rest time, you will be alerted to start the next set.

If you don't want to use the rest timer, you will be instead shown the rest times under the instructions for each exercise.

Leaving Comments or Sending Form Videos

You can also add comments for your workout by clicking on the Message icon. In the comment thread, you can let your coach know about any struggles you had, ask for advice, or send a form check video to ensure that you are doing your workout correctly.

Other Actions: Access the Timer or Add/Remove Sets

If you want to keep track of your workout time, you can tap on the Stopwatch icon to access the built-in stopwatch and timer.

  • Stopwatch: Use the stopwatch to calculate how long it takes for you to complete an action. Just press Start.

  • Timer: Set a specific time to countdown from. If you launch the timer from a duration field prescribed by your coach, it will automatically start with the designated time for you.

If you feel that you can go another round, and you would like your coach to know, feel free to add sets! You can also delete a set if you need to. Just click on "..." icon to add or delete.

Completing and Saving a Workout

Once you have completed all exercises in the workout, or when you are ready to end the workout, just proceed to the very last screen and swipe right on the button to save your workout.

Workout Result

After you save, you will see a summary of the workout you have completed. From here, you can leave a difficulty rating to let your coach know how much effort you put in. You can also access the comment thread and leave any additional notes.

Adjust the workout's end time

If you spend more than 3 hours on a workout, after swiping right to end the workout, there will be an option for you to review and adjust the workout's end time as needed.

Once you tap the 'Yes, I want to change' button, a popup will appear allowing you to make the necessary changes.

You can additionally adjust the workout's end time directly from the Workout Result screen. Just tap on either the 'Training min' or the 'workout tracking date and time' as illustrated below to access a popup where you can review the total workout duration.

From there, you can click on the 'Edit' icon to adjust the end time for your workout.

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