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How to turn the Rest Timer on/off
How to turn the Rest Timer on/off

How do I stop the rest timer? Or why is the Rest Timer not running?

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Everyone likes to workout differently. And we understand some people may like to have an automated timer run for their assigned rest times, while some may not. So we have that flexibility built in for you.

Turn the Rest timer: ON

By Default, the rest timer is turned 'On', so when you are tracking a workout, all you have to do is tap when you are done with a set, and the rest timer will run automatically. You can check other apps during the rest time, and when the timer is up, you will be reminded with a notification to continue your workout.

* Just remember to have allowed notifications for Everfit in your iOS settings

Turn the Rest timer: OFF

You can also choose to have the rest timer turned 'Off'. If you have the timer turned off, the rest times assigned by your coach will instead be displayed under each exercise as a note, and the timer will not run.

To turn off the rest timer:

  1. Navigate to the 'Workout Preview' screen and tap on the settings button โš™๏ธ

  2. Tap on "Rest timer on/off"

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