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Client App: Workout History

See all the workouts you have completed

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Everfit keeps a log of all the workouts you have completed, so you can access them anytime, and so your coach can see in detail what you have done. We believe more data points will help your coach understand you better and structure the most suitable training regimen for you. It's 0 to gainz in no time!

How to find your Workout History

1. From the Training calendar screen, you can tap the button in the top right corner

2. On the 'You' screen, find the bar that says "Activity History"

Your Workout History

Once you have the screen open, just scroll down to find all the workouts you have completed.

From here, you can tap into any workout to:

  • See details of the workout you completed

  • Add/change your workout rating

  • View and leave comments for your coach.

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