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How to create & edit a workout

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Creating a workout is your first step to assigning a training regimen for your clients. On Everfit, you can create an entire library of workouts that you can assign repeatedly to any client with the click of a button.

Let’s get started!

Create your first workout

Step 1: Add a new workout from your library

Navigate to the Library tab on the left-side menu, select Workouts, and click on the Add New Workout button.

Step 2: Choose from a template or create your own

From here, you can choose to create a workout using an existing template or start one from scratch.

Step 3: Name your workout and add a description

Adding a description is not necessary, but it could help your clients understand the importance and focus of the workout. Pro tip: You can also add a link in the description that points to a useful resource.

Step 4: Add exercises to the workout

There are two ways to add exercises to your workout:

  • Option 1: Drag and drop an exercise from the Exercises library panel to the main workout builder interface. All you need to do is scroll or search for an exercise.

  • Option 2: Click on Add Exercise and begin typing to search for an exercise name. If you don’t find the exercise you are looking for, there is an option to create a new exercise directly from the search bar.

Pro tip: For either of the options, you can use our Filter function to narrow down the selection of exercises for faster browsing.

You can choose to filter exercises based on category, video availability, primary focus, and whether to view Everfit or your team’s custom exercises.

Step 5: Edit exercises details

  • Once an exercise is added to the workout, you can input all the details necessary for your client to follow along with the workout. All of the inputs are of course optional and up to your creativity and expertise to implement.
    Some of the basic options include: a note, tempo, and set information, such as weight, reps, duration, or rest time.

  • Add Set: Clicking on the “Add Set” button or the adjacent “+” button allows you to add additional sets to the current exercise. As a time-saver, these additional sets will automatically copy all the details of the last set.

  • Delete Set: To delete a set, simply hover over a specific set and select the “x” button on the left side.

  • Warm-up Sets, Drop Sets, Failure Sets: You have the option to designate the type of a particular set, so your clients can understand your assignment better. To do this, hover over the set number and click on the dropdown arrow to select either Regular, Warmup, Drop Set, or Failure

  • Custom tracking fields: Click on the (...) menu button to access other custom options for an exercise. From here, you can select “Customize fields” to choose additional tracking fields to use, such as RPE, cadence, or heart rate.

You’ve learned the basics of how to create a workout with simple exercises. Now you are ready to level-up and learn some intermediate skills:

Exercise Preview

Exercises are often named differently from trainer to trainer, so we made it easy for you to check and make sure what you have selected is correct.

Click on the exercise image thumbnail to preview the video or cover image for the exercise. You can also click on Edit Exercise to review and make any updates to the name, instructions, and images or video for the exercise.

Arranging workouts

To quickly rearrange the exercises you have assigned to the workout, simply drag and drop the exercises in the Workout Arrangement panel to change the order. It’s never been any easier!

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