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What are Sections? And how to add a Section to your workout.

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Using the workout builder, you have the ability to create sections with special formats in your workout. There are 4 different workout formats that show up differently when your client tracks a workout:

  • Regular

  • Interval


  • Timed

Learn how to create a workout here.

Create a section

Step 1: In the workout builder, click on the Add Section button, and choose a section format from the list. The best way to understand the different formats is to create them in a workout and see what they look like on the client app.

  • Regular section

Exercises will be displayed individually side-by-side one after another, commonly used for warm-ups or strength training sections.

The Interval format offers an easy way to program time-based workouts. Once a client begins an interval section, an automatic timer cycles through the different exercise intervals and rests; your client only needs to follow along. This is best for HIIT, Tabata, or Circuit workouts.

IYKYK. Design a training routine for your clients to complete “As Many Rounds As Possible” over a set period of time. You will be able to track total rounds completed based on the total time assigned.

You may want to measure how long it takes for your clients to complete a certain workout routine. So we’ve included a built-in timer to track the total duration of a workout based on the number of rounds assigned.

Step 2: Insert section name, section type, and click Create Section.

For exercises created within certain section types (Warm-up, Cooldown, and Recovery), the results will not be saved in the exercise history of a client.

Step 3: Once the section is added, you can begin adding exercises or specific instructions explaining the workout of the section.

Similar to adding exercises to a workout, you can drag-and-drop exercises from the Exercises library panel or click on Add Exercise.

Change the Section Format

Click on the (...) menu button to access other custom options for a section. From here you can choose the “Customize Section” to change the Section Format and Section Type.

When you change any section to AMRAP or Timed, some irreversible changes may happen. Since the 2 formats are set up to be completed in rounds, and each round is a sequence of single sets of exercises, any exercise that has multiple sets in the previous section format will be broken up into multiple instances of the same exercise with 1 set each.

Save a section to your library

We know you may have some carefully designed workout sections that you want to reuse. Warm-ups, cooldowns, or specific training regimens are common sections to save.

From the (...) menu, you can choose to save a section by clicking on the “Save to Library” button.

Once a section is saved, you will be able to drag it into any workout as easy as adding exercises to a workout.

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