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Build a timed workout with built-in round tracker on Everfit client app

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From the Murph to a fitness assessment, timed workouts are a fundamental part of training. 

That's why we made it super simple to make timed workouts with the Everfit workout builder!

Your workouts can be tough, but building them doesn't have to be 💪  

Create a timed workout

  1. In the workout builder, click the Add Section button, and choose the Timed section.

  1. From here you can give your section a Title, define the Section Type, and also define the number of Rounds. Then click on the Create Section button.

3. Now that you've created a Timed section, it's time to complete your workout. Add exercises, define the number of rounds, and add a section overview. If this is the first time your client is seeing a timed workout we suggest adding a detailed section overview.


The workout brain is a real thing and it's easy to lose track of what you're doing during a timed workout. We keep your clients on track with an easy-to-follow format.

Before beginning their workout a client will see the section overview that you've written. After they've reviewed this, they will click start to begin.

Once the workout begins your client will see a list of the exercises, reps, and rounds that need to be completed. Along with a timer showing their progress. 

Throughout the workout, clients will always have access to...

  • Current round number #

  • Timer.

  • Pause button, which pauses the timer and opens a summary of the client's progress.

  • Cancel button.

As your client goes through their workout they can keep track of each round completed. After a client has completed the number of rounds needed the workout is over. Once their workout is complete you can both review their progress. 

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