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Freestyle Workout Section: Build workouts 5x faster
Freestyle Workout Section: Build workouts 5x faster

Our freestyle workout section is the fastest and most flexible way of building workouts (Crossfit, warmup, yoga, lessons, and more)

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General Overview

When creating a workout for a client, you may not always need them to track all of their data. The Freestyle workout section will allow clients to focus on getting the workout done without having to key in data. With the tap of a checkmark, they're done! ⚡

Not only is it easy for your clients, but it's also lightning-fast for you to program. And we made sure it's flexible, so you can be as creative as you want to be with your programming. You can choose between 6 types of media — text, video, audio, image, document, and link — to deliver the workout content, so the possibilities are limitless.

The Freestyle section will be great for WODs, yoga flow, warm-ups, audio-guided meditation, stretching, video lessons, personal welcome videos, assigned reading, post-workout evaluation surveys, and more. See how this can empower your coaching and create any type of training to fit your coaching style!


For any freestyle workout section, you will have the choice to:

  • Add instructions as text: Send your clients workout instructions and get them started without delay.

  • Attach any media type: Use video, audio, image, pdf, or links to deliver the workout or education to your clients.

  • List exercises for reference: You can still provide clients links to exercises for movement guidance.

  • Mix and match with any other type of workout sections and exercises to build your whole workout.

Let's start building a Freestyle Workout!

  1. Go onto the Everfit workout builder to create a new workout.

  2. Start by clicking onto ‘Add Section’.

  3. The Freestyle workout section will appear as an option that you can choose.

  4. After choosing the Freestyle workout section, add a name for the section.

  5. Then you will get to choose how to present the workout information to your clients. Type up some quick instructions, and you're done. Or attach a video, audio file, image, document, or link to share additional workout guidance.

  6. Add any exercises for reference. If you still want to give your clients the instructions and visuals for performing the exercises, here's where you can. Just search and add the exercises, and the instructions will be a tap away during the workout.

  7. Just click save and you're done! You can start assigning the workout to your clients or to any program.

Pro Tip: Once you have a Freestyle section you would like to reuse, save it to your Section library and programming will become as easy as drag and drop!

Client Workout Tracking

For your clients, it's as easy as it is for you. All they need to do is to hit the checkmark, and the entire section will be marked as done.

Comments: Communication is key, so we made sure it's available. Clients can tap on the comment button to leave a message for you.

On the Coach App

  1. Start by adding a new workout for your client on the coaching app. Title your workout under “workout name” you can also add a workout description below. Next, select “add section,” then select “freestyle” under section format.

  2. Title your section and write your workout in the instruction section. You can also attach a video for clients to follow along. In the bottom section, you can choose to add exercises. Adding exercises allows clients to view exercise videos in the freestyle workout.

  3. Preview your workout and save it to assign it to your client.

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