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Build an AMRAP workout section

Easily create, assign, and track number of rounds completed in an AMRAP workout section.

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AMRAP workouts need no introduction. You want your clients to complete a routine As Many Rounds As Possible over a given time. While the premise is simple, it can be a difficult workout to program.

With Everfit it's a piece of 🍰! We make it easy to create, follow, and track AMRAP workouts. 

We can't make the workout easier though πŸ˜…Β 

Create an AMRAP workout

  1. In the workout builder, click the Add Section button, and choose the AMRAP section.

2. From here you can give your section a Name, define the Section Type, and also define the Duration. Then click on the Create Section button.

3. Now that you've created an AMRAP section, it's time to complete your workout. Add exercises, define the duration of each round, and add a section overview. If this is the first time your client is seeing an AMRAP workout we suggest adding a detailed section overview.

Wasn't that easy? You didn't even break a sweat!

Client-side AMRAP

AMRAP can be a confusing concept for new clients. To help your clients be successful we made things as simple as possible.

Before beginning their workout a client will see the section overview that you've written. After they've reviewed this, they will click start to begin.

Once the workout begins all their exercises for Round 1 appear vertically along with a timer. Clients have the option to mark their progress as they go or when the timer is up. When the timer is up, the client will see a summary. Here they can adjust any round or rep counts that may be off.

Throughout the workout, clients will always have access to...

  • Current round number # (top)

  • Time remaining for AMRAP workout (bottom left)

  • Complete the Round button to check off all exercises and move to the next round.

  • Pause button (bottom right), which pauses the timer and opens a summary of the client's progress. From here, the client can also choose to save the number of rounds completed, resume the section, or end the section early.

  • Cancel button (top left corner), which stops and exits the AMRAP workout.

Once their workout is complete you can both review their progress.Β 

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