AMRAP workouts need no introduction. You want your clients to complete a routine As Many Rounds As Possible over a given time. While the premise is simple, it can be a difficult workout to program.

With Everfit it's a piece of 🍰! We make it easy to create, follow, and track AMRAP workouts. 

We can't make the workout easier though 😅 

Create an AMRAP workout

  1. In the workout builder, click the Add Section button on the bottom toolbar. 

  2. From here you can give your section a Title, define the Section Type, and also define the Section Format. 

  3. Using the drop-down for Section Format, select AMRAP, and then Add a section.

Now that you've created an AMRAP section it's time to complete your workout. Add exercises, define the duration of reach round, and add a section overview. If this is the first time your client is seeing an AMRAP workout we suggest adding a detailed section overview.

Wasn't that easy? You didn't even break a sweat!

Client side AMRAP

AMRAP can be a confusing concept for new clients. To help your clients be successful we made things as simple as possible.

Before beginning their workout a client will see the section overview that you've written. After they've review this, they will click start to begin.

Once the workout begins all their exercises for Round 1 appear vertically along with a timer. Clients have the option mark their progress as the go or when the timer is up. When the timer is up, the client will see a summary. Here they can adjust any round or rep counts that may be off.

Throughout the workout client's will always have access to...

  • Current round number # (top)

  • Time remaining for AMRAP workout (bottom left)

  • Complete Round button to check off all exercises and move to next round.

  • Pause button (bottom right), which pauses the timer and opens a summary of the client's progress. From here, the client can also choose to save the number of rounds completed, resume the section, or end the section early.

  • Cancel button (top left corner), which stops and exits the AMRAP workout.

Once their workout is complete you can both review their progress. 

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