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Save a Workout Section as a template to reuse in Library
Save a Workout Section as a template to reuse in Library

Save a workout section to library to reuse it in the future

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We have created this shortcut to save you time creating a section from scratch.

Save a workout section

In your workout builder, I can navigate to the menu (...) icon to save the section to the section library (currently not available in the Library tab)

Assign a Workout Section from the Library

You can reuse the saved workout section from the Library in 2 ways:

1. Drag and Drop from Sections Panel

You can use the Sections panel and drag the desired workout section to your workout

2. Choose from Section Library

A perfect workaround before we build out the Section Library!

Step 1:

After click on + Add Section, click on Select from Library to access the Section Library

Step 2:

Choose the section you want and select! You can also delete the section from here!

For now, it is not possible to edit a saved section but here is a workaround:

1. Drag a saved section into a workout

2. Edit the section

3. Save that new Section

4. Delete the old section!

Here you go!

Learn more about different kinds of workout sections:

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