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Assign a workout or training program to a client's calendar
Assign a workout or training program to a client's calendar

How to assign and customize workouts and training programs on a client's calendar

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With Everfit's client training calendar, you can upload a workout, or an entire program, to a client's training calendar in a single click. 

Access the training calendar

To get to the training calendar, either click the dumbbell icon to the right of the client name or select the client and click on the Training tab at the top of the page.

Assign a Workout or Program

Once in the training calendar, simply go to the top right corner of a certain day and click on the + icon. From there you can either select to add a single workout or an entire program. 

Create a Workout to assign to the calendar

To create a specific workout for your program, click the + icon on any certain day. From there, click the + Create New icon in the top right corner. Once clicked you can create an entirely new workout for that specific day.

To learn more about how to create a custom workout here

Pro tip: When you are finished creating your specific workout, if you want to save that workout to your workout library click the triple-dotted icon in the top corner and select Save to Library. 

Customize a training calendar

Once you've assigned training, there are many features that allow you to easily customize the client's training calendar. These include:

Change the calendar view (1 week, 2 weeks, and 4 weeks)

Drag and Drop

Copy and Paste

If you want to duplicate a workout simply copy it and paste it into the desired day.

Delete a workout

Delete a workout by clicking on the dotted icon on the top right of the workout and selecting delete. 

Edit an existing workout

If you'd like to edit one of the workouts, click on the top portion next to the title. 

Edit an exercise within a workout

If you'd like to adjust a certain exercise within a workout, simply click on the exercise. 

Add an exercise to a workout

You can also add an exercise to an existing workout directly from the calendar by clicking the + icon in the bottom right corner. 

Client View

After assigning a Workout or Program the client will see the full week of workouts that were planned. 

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