Create a Workout Program

How to create a multi-week workout regimen

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Creating a program allows trainers to seamlessly integrate workouts into a client’s training calendar. With this feature, you can assign and roll out an entire program to a client within a few clicks.

Create a Program

Simply click on + Add New Program to create a new program. Then you can add a title, description, program length, modality, and experience level.

Add a Workout from the library

Once in the program calendar, simply go to a certain day and click on the + icon. From there, you can select to add any workout that is saved in your workout library. 

Create a new workout

To create a specific workout for your program, click the + icon on any certain day. From there, click the + Create New button in the top right corner.

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Pro tip: When you are finished creating your specific workout, if you want to save that workout to your workout library click the ... icon in the top right corner and select Save to Library. 

Customize your program

Once you've added a workout to your program, there are many features that allow you to customize your program. These include, 

Change the calendar view

You can change the calendar view to 1, 2, or 4 weeks. 

Copy and Paste

If you want to duplicate a workout for another day, just copy the desired workout and paste it into the desired day. 

Drag and drop

If you want to move a workout or exercise into another date, simply drag and drop. 

Delete a workout

To delete a workout click the dotted icon in the top right corner and press delete. 

Assign your program

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