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Studio Programs (On-Demand Training Programs)
Studio Programs (On-Demand Training Programs)

Create workout programs that clients can start, stop, and resume anytime they want

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Studio Programs allows you to create packaged workout programs that clients can start, stop, resume, or switch to another program anytime they want, without the trainer taking any action. This is a good option for low-value client members.

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How Studio Programs works:


1. Navigate to the Studio Program page from the left-side menu bar.

2. On the Studio Program page, simply click on the (+) Create Studio Program button. From there, you can create a new program of your own or choose from one of the templates in your library to make adjustments.

Customize your Studio Program

Program Description:

Once you’ve selected how you would like to start, you can then add a title, description, length of your program, and a cover image.

Difficulty Level:

For each program, you can select the difficulty level by clicking the drop-down button next to All level.

Training Calendar:

On the top left corner, click on the Calendar view to view the details of your program for each week/month. Learn more about how to create a program here.

Within the program calendar, click on the (+) icon of any date to add, edit, or make a copy of workouts. All the exercises in your library will be available for you to choose from. If you cannot find the exercise you are looking for, you can always create a new exercise.

Don’t forget to publish your program before exiting the Studio Program dashboard. Now you can closely track the progress of each client without lifting a finger.


  • Once published, you need to go into Editing mode to edit a studio program

  • A client can have more than 1 Studio program

  • When you unpublish a program, it will pause the program for any clients using the program and remove the program for all clients. Client progress in the program will be deleted.

Save as Program

Save your studio program as a program in the program library by clicking on the '...' button and choosing 'Save as Program.'

Make it available to your clients

You can search for your clients and select those you would like to assign the studio program to. A list of selected clients will appear on the right side for you to review and save.

What your clients see

All the programs made available to a client will be shown on the On-demand tab. They can choose to start or pause any studio program at their own pace. Any number of Studio Programs can be active at any point in time, and clients can choose from the Studio Programs and structure their own training regimen.

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