Autoflow Training

Add workouts and programs to an Autoflow

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Just getting started? Check out the Autoflow Overview.

Autoflow Training

Customizing an Autoflow training calendar is just like adjusting a client’s training calendar or program. 

Think of the training calendar as a template for all of your clients. With Autoflow you just have to create this template just once, then assign it to as many clients as you’d like. With features like alternative exercises and %1RM, your templates can challenge a wide range of clients. 

Tips to Customize Training in Autoflow:

  1. Create new workouts within the training calendar or assign from your library.

  2. Use %1RM for automated weight recommendations.

  3. Add Alternative exercises (progression/regression) for clients at different levels.

  4. Use drag and drop to adjust programs quickly.

What to get a little more personal? Not a problem. This can just be your base. You can still go into an individual client calendar and make any adjustments you need.

With your workouts programmed its time to add habit coaching, progress checks, and accountability, with tasks.

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