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Autoflow Settings

Enable/disable features, set up custom metrics, and more in an Autoflow

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Just getting started? Check out the Autoflow Overview.

Autoflow Settings

Navigate to the Autoflow tab from the left-side menu. Select the autoflow you want to edit then click on the Settings tab.

On the Settings tab, you can enable or disable any feature, just like you can for an individual client. Any changes made here will be synced to all active clients assigned to this Autoflow.

Let’s say you’d like to have two tiers of clients for an upcoming challenge. One tier will include nutritional coaching for an extra fee, the other will not. For your higher-priced tier, you can enable Food Journal. For your lower-priced tier, you can disable Food Journal. 

Set up Custom Metrics

Add and Remove metrics from the list

You can go to the Settings tab and then navigate to the Manage Metrics button. You can then pick and choose the metrics you want to include in the Autoflow Metrics Task

Create a Custom Metrics

Once you've selected + Add New Metric, you can then enter a metric name, type, and unit of measurement.

Now that we’ve adjusted our settings, let get into the fun part - training!

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