How to add Multiple Autoflows for a client

How to set up a Settings-Free Autoflow to enable Multi Autoflows for your clients

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Autoflows are Everfit's most powerful automation tool. You can use it to coach a large group of clients (eg. 100 or 1000) with the effort it takes to program for 1 client. And the magic happens because each Autoflow will sync its:

  • Settings (which features are turned on/off)

  • Training

  • Tasks

  • Messages & Announcements

with the entire list of clients that are "Active" in the Autoflow. So all you need to do is program assignments onto 1 calendar (the Autoflow's), for them show up on every client's calendar. ✨ Ta-dah

Why can't I add a client to 2 Autoflows?

You may have tried to add a client to an Autoflow, and received a message saying the "Client needs to be marked as completed or removed from their current Autoflow" before they can be added to a new Autoflow.

The reason this action is not allowed is because both of these Autoflows are actively syncing their Settings with clients, so if we let the client join both Autoflows at the same time, there could potentially be conflicting settings.

For example:

  • In one Autoflow, Macros is turned on, but in another Autoflow, Macros is turned off. If a client can be added to the 2nd Autoflow, then they would lose the ability to use Macros when they are added.

Of course, we are here to make things possible! So read on...

So can I add clients to multiple Autoflows?

In order to prevent conflict between settings, but make sure you still have the ability to mix and match powerful sequences you have prepared, we have made it easy to flip a switch and turn off the settings of an Autoflow.

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab of the Autoflow

  2. In the top most section, you will see the "Sync Settings" area (as below)

  3. Click on Turn-Off Settings and follow the steps to disable Settings.

Once the settings has been turned off, it will become "Settings-Free" and you will have the flexibility of adding any client to the Autoflow. Now you can create an Autoflow just for weekly messages or one just for regular weigh-in tasks, and criss-cross the Autoflows with different groups of clients.

[video-to-gif output image]

2 Important Reminders:

  • Once an Autoflow becomes "Settings-Free", this will be permanent, but you can always duplicate the Autoflow to create one with Settings turned back on.

  • Since Everfit does not check for you anymore, make sure if you are adding a client to an Autoflow with particular assignments (eg. Body Metric Tasks), then the client should have those relevant features turned on (eg. "Metrics" turned on). Or else, the client will not be able to access what you have assigned.

Why would I want to use multiple Autoflows?

This will save you massive time if you are working with different groups of clients (eg. running, bodybuilding, weight loss), but want them to have the same check-ins or receive the same task reminders.

For example, you can create specific "Settings-Free" Autoflows for:

  • Weekly weight and body fat reminders

  • Daily motivation Announcements

  • Weekly check-in messages on Sundays

  • Sending weekly meal plans to nutrition clients

  • A meditation series

  • A stretch series

  • Regular group workouts on Zoom

These can be layered on top of the main training-specific Autoflows for each group of clients. The possibilities are endless!

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