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How the Autoflow | Automation add-on is charged

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You've set up your Everfit account, and you are interested in using Autoflow to upgrade your coaching system because your client-base is growing.

With Autoflow, you can schedule for a group of clients the same time it takes you to schedule for one. This is perfect for sports teams, workout challenges, or clients going through the same program. Autoflow allows you to schedule:

  • Workouts

  • Tasks (check-ins, weekly journaling, reading material)

  • Announcements

  • In-app messages

But different clients will inherently have different needs, so you may only use Autoflow with a portion of your clients.

That is why we set up the Automation add-on to be priced only based on your usage. If you have 100 active clients, but you only use Automation with 25, then you will only be charged for your use of 25.

Whether you choose an annual or monthly plan, Automation will be charged monthly based on the table below:

Here is an easy-access table showing the add-on cost for the first 300 clients:

# of Clients using Autoflow

Charge per month (USD)

First 30


31 - 60


61 - 90


91 - 120


121 - 150


151 - 180


181 - 210


211 - 240


241 - 270


271 - 300


Happy coaching!

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