Autoflow: Schedule In-app Auto Messages

Add automated messages to an Autoflow

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While you can communicate with your clients in real-time through the Everfit messenger, you can also schedule in-app messages in advance with Autoflow. Use this feature to plan the communication necessary for your client’s fitness program. Send personalized reminders and check-ins, or share photos and videos with automated messages.

You can use both Autoflow by Exact Date or by Day Sequence depending on your program!

📨 Create an In-app message

1. Open the Autoflow tab and select an existing automated program.

2. Click on the Auto Message tab.

3. Select a date and click the (+) icon. Select In-app when the pop-up screen appears.

4. Create a Title for your message. The title is only visible to you and meant to help remind what the scheduled messages are about.

5. Schedule the date and time your message will be sent. This will be sent based on the timezone of the Autoflow’s owner.

6. Add up to 3 messages: Each message can be text or a media file (image or video).

Pro-tip: You can use autofill variables, such as your client’s first name, to personalize each message.

7. When you’re done composing your messages, select the Schedule button to save.

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