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Private Messaging

How to direct message your clients

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To help you stay on top of important conversations, you can enable private messages for any client that has connected through the mobile app. The Message Inbox is laid out similarly to the Facebook messenger platform, and you can chat in real time from both the web and the app.

Check out Everfit Inbox Tutorials here.

Everfit Web Platform

Send a message

You can look for your clients in the list of ongoing conversations or start a new conversation by clicking on the Compose icon.  

Once you've located the client you want to send a message to, simply write your message in the text box at the bottom and click enter. You can click on the camera icon that allows sending images and videos to your clients. You are allowed to select and send up to 5 media files at once to your clients.

Mark a conversation as unread

If you would like to remind yourself to check back on a conversation, click on the “...” button and select Mark as unread either in the list of conversations, or the button at the top right corner of the selected conversation.

Archive a conversation

You can archive a chat by clicking on the “...” button at the top right corner. Once a conversation is archived, you can always use the Compose option to look for the client and start chatting with them again.

View client details

On the right side of your message inbox, you will find useful client details, such as:

  • Local time

  • Notes

  • Client activity updates

If there's anything important to remember, you can add it to the notes section directly from here. You can also access the client overview by clicking on the client's name.

Pro tip: if you would like to disable direct messaging for a certain client, simply turn off the Messages feature in client settings. Check out how to manage features for a client here.

Everfit Coach App

To access messages, you just need to tap the Inbox icon. From there you can send clients an update, ask a question, send a video for a form check, or even send a voice note.

Similar to the web app, you can select and send up to 5 media files (videos & images) to clients as one message through the Inbox of the app.

To remove a message, you can simply press hold on it and choose 'Delete'. Then it will show that the message was unsent.

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