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Group Messaging

Initiate direct messages to a collective of coaches and clients

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The group chat functionality is specifically offered to all Studio plan users, enabling coaches and clients to maintain seamless communication and participate in real-time discussions on both web and mobile app interfaces.

  • Available on Studio plans only

Check out Everfit Group Chat Tutorials here.

Everfit Web Platform

Create a group chat

  1. Click on the Compose icon to select and search for any clients, coaches, and groups of clients from the Contacts list.

  2. After choosing the recipients you want, simply click the 'Create Group' button to proceed.

Send messages

Just like the Private Messaging feature, you have the option to send images, videos, or GIFs to all members of the group.

Note: Only the coach can add participants to the group chat, and trainers can only invite their own clients.

Mark as unread & archive a conversation

The functionality for marking a conversation as unread and archiving a conversation remains the same as in a private message.

Mute & unmute notifications

To disable notifications for a conversation, you can either click on the "..." button and choose "Mute" from the list of options in the conversation list, or use the button located at the top right corner of the selected conversation.

From the dropdown list, you can choose the duration for muting notifications in a conversation.

To re-enable notifications for a conversation, just click on the '...' button once more.

Edit a group chat

Change group name and group image

You can easily personalize the group name and group image to your liking. Just hover over the participant avatars, click the 'Edit' button to update the group image, and select "Name this group" to modify the group name.

Add and remove members

Add members

In the right panel of a group conversation, you will find the "Invite more" option, which enables you to add additional members to the group.

Remove members

Clicking on the three-dot icon next to any member's name will provide you with the option to remove them from the group.

Leave and delete a group chat

Leave group chat

You have the flexibility to leave the group chat whenever you wish. Simply click on the three-dot icon next to your name in the participants' list, and then choose "Leave group."

Delete group chat

The group chat will be automatically deleted only when the last remaining coach exits the group.

Everfit Coach App

Create a group chat

From the Inbox tab, tap on the pencil icon and select "New Group Chat" to initiate a new group chat. Once you've selected all the group members, click 'Next' to create the group conversation. From here, you can either opt to choose an avatar and group name first and then proceed to create the group, or create the group first and select the avatar and group name afterward.

Similar to the web app, all the functionalities of this feature are accessible on the mobile app too.

Mark as unread & archive a chat

In the list of conversations, swiping left on a group conversation allows you to mark it as unread or archive it.

Alternatively, you can access these options by clicking the '...' button at the top right corner of a particular group chat, or by navigating to the Settings page.

Other Settings

On the Settings page, you can choose to modify the group's name and avatar, mute notifications, invite additional members, view all participants, archive the conversation, or exit the group.

Remove a message

To remove a message, you can easily do so by pressing and holding on to it, then selecting 'Delete'. This will indicate that the message was unsent.

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