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Inbox: Broadcast Messages

Effortlessly send broadcast messages to multiple recipients simultaneously

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The broadcast message feature is exclusively available to Studio plan users, allowing coaches to effortlessly send messages to multiple clients simultaneously.

  • This functionality is accessible only with the Studio plan.

Check out Everfit Broadcast Tutorials here.

How to send a broadcast message

  1. Within your Inbox, you'll notice the 'Broadcast' option situated to the left of the 'Compose' icon. Just give it a click to initiate the broadcasting of messages.

2. A popup will emerge, giving you the ability to choose clients from the list on the left panel and input your messages into the chatbox. To choose all clients, simply mark the 'All' option.

3. You can incorporate up to three messages: Each message can consist of either text or a media file (image or video).

Pro-tip: Utilize autofill variables, like your client's first name, to personalize each message.

4. When you’re done composing your messages, select the ‘Broadcast now’ button to save.

Note: After sending a broadcast message, please wait for 2 minutes before sending the next message to prevent client spamming.

Client filter

For client search, you can employ the filter by clicking the funnel icon located in the right corner of the search bar. This will provide you with the option to filter by client type, owner, or search by a group of clients.

Delete a message

For message deletion, just hover over the message you wish to remove and click on the 'x' button.

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