How to Send Voice Messages

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Voice chat enables you to communicate and collaborate effectively with your team. Adding a personal touch to voice chat is a powerful way to get your clients’ attention.

Everfit Coach App

From the Inbox of the coach app, you will see the microphone icon to send your client a voice message.

You will need to allow Everfit to access your microphone to send voice messages.

Right after you click on the microphone icon, the message starts recording. Once you’re done, hit the send button or “x” to start over.


  • There’s a limit of 60 seconds per audio message.

  • Voice messages will be deleted after 30 days. The note for this will show up in the first 3 times you message a client.

After a message is sent, you will be able to play and pause it. You can click and hold the message to delete or copy it.

Everfit Web Platform

You won’t be able to record voice messages on the web at the moment, but you can still play and pause them.

Turn off Voice Messages for specific clients

Voice chat is enabled for all your clients by default. If you want to turn it off, you can head to the client’s settings page on the web and uncheck the "Allow client to send voice messages" option under "Messages".

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