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Onboarding Walkthrough for Clients
Onboarding Walkthrough for Clients

Learn how to navigate and utilize the Everfit Client App

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Welcome to Everfit! 🎉 The Everfit client app is designed to help you have a seamless training experience with your coach or personal trainer. With just one app, you can check your training schedule, message your trainer, log your metrics, and much more!

Overview of the 4 main screens

At the bottom of your app, you will find 4 tabs to access the main screens - Today, Coaching, Inbox, and You. These 4 screens will guide you through a healthy training program that your trainer has designed for you.

  • Today: This screen shows all the workouts and tasks that you are assigned for today.

  • Coaching: This screen allows you to view a broader schedule of your workouts and tasks.

  • Inbox: This screen is where you can direct message your coach.

  • You: This screen is where you can set your goal, view metrics, and track your progress.


The Today screen is dedicated to summarizing your activities of the day — and to make it easy for you, this is where you will start every time you launch the client app.

On the Today screen, you can find up to 6 main sections - Training, Tasks, Steps Tracking, Food Journal, Community Forums, and Notifications. The display of these will be adaptive based on what your coach has assigned you. (Learn more)


The Coaching tab houses your weekly training and task schedules. You’ll be able to take a look at an overview of workouts and exercises that have been assigned to you here. (Learn more)


Just as any other messaging platform, here you can direct message your coach. Ask questions, send a video, you can do it from the Inbox. (Learn more)


The You tab is all about ... YOU and your training results. We’ve made it easier for you to track your progress by including different sections that showcase what you have accomplished. Our goal is to keep you motivated and consistent with your training regime, so you can achieve your goals better. (Learn more)

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