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Client App Overview

How to get started as a client on Everfit

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Congrats on starting your fitness journey!

Let's go over everything you'll need to know about the Everfit app💪

  • The TODAY page is the most important screen. Here you will see daily announcements, workouts, and other tasks. Read more here

  • The COACHING page is where you can take a deep dive into your training. Review past and upcoming workouts/tasks. Read more here

  • The INBOX is where you can chat with your coach. Whether you're looking for a form check or have a question, this is the spot to reach your coach. Read more here. ** Don't see an inbox? Some programs don't include direct messaging.

  • The YOU page is all! Here you can see all the hard work you've put in and keeping track of your progress. Read more here

Have a question? You can always let us know by using the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner or shoot us an email at

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