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Get to know the Today screen on the Everfit client app

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The Today page is a snapshot of everything you as a training client need to know for the day. This includes your daily assignments, such as workouts and tasks. For all other information, we've separated them out to the Coaching and You pages to keep your daily view clean and focused.


For each day you are assigned a workout from your coach, the workouts will show up front and center on the Today screen. All you need to do is tap โ€Start Workoutโ€ to see the workout overview and get moving ๐Ÿƒโ€โ™‚๏ธ.

Rest day

Rest and recovery is just as important as hard work. On days with no assigned workouts, you will instead see a rest day reminder.


Under the Task section, you will see any tasks you have been assigned for today. And for other tasks for the week, you can check the Coaching tab.ย 

To complete a task, simply tap the task and follow any instructions left by your coach. Check the task off when you're done to keep a record for yourself. Tasks can range from reading an article to updating body metrics, to logging progress photos.


Depending on what you have been assigned, you might see other sections on the Today screen, such as Announcements or Food Journal.

So, what if I don't remember to check the app?ย 

We'll remind you when you need it. To keep it simple for you, we've set up a daily reminder system that sends you a notification in the morning if there are any workouts or tasks. So remember to turn on Push notifications in Settings, and you'll never forget an assignment again!


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