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Understanding the Client Overview
Understanding the Client Overview

How to navigate the client overview page

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The client overview page provides comprehensive client information all in one place. 

Navigate the Client Overview page


The training tab details three different training statistics. 

  • Number of workouts tracked in the last 7 days 

  • Number of workouts tracked in the last 30 days

  • Next week's workout assignments

You can also check the results of a client's most recent workout by clicking the grey Check Result icon. Or you can access a client's training calendar by clicking on the Open Calendar icon that appears in the top right corner when you hover over the Training box.

Learn more about the training calendar here

Body Metrics

The body metrics tab displays graphical data of the top two metrics on the client metric list. You can access client metrics by clicking anywhere in the header bar or on each individual metric chart. 

We've also provided a shortcut so you can add results from a client's body assessment by clicking the Update All icon in the top right. 

Learn more about client metrics here


The notes tab allows you to write notes about the clients such as what motivates them to train better. This is not shared with your client. See more


The limitations/injuries tab allows you to keep track of any injuries or limitations a client may have. This is not shared with your client. See more


The goals tab allows you and your client to communicate important training goals and help keep your client focused. Anything written in goals will be synced on the platform between you and your client's mobile app.

Progress Photo

The progress photo tab allows you to view and add client progress photos. To add a progress photo click the + Add icon in the top right corner. You can also view all current progress photos by clicking the View All icon in the lower left corner. 

Learn more about the Progress Photo feature here


The profile tab provides access to your client's profile details and a shortcut to the Message inbox

By clicking on the "Profile" heading, you can view and edit your client's profile details. 

From the pop-up, you can also: 

  • invite a client to connect on Everfit

  • resend the invitation to connect

  • or remove a client.


The updates tab shows recent client activity, to help you have a better sense if your client is following through with his or her training assignments. Here you will find updates, such as a workout your client logged or a body metric entry they recorded. Any changes made by you or your teammates to the client’s profile will also show in the updates tab.

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