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Add Notes for a client
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Adding notes allows you to write notes about the clients such as what motivates them to train better. This is not shared with your client.

Create New Note

Simply click on the “Write” icon on the overview screen or note box to prompt the “Notes” pop-up.

Enter your client's note content in the right panel. Enhance its appearance using different text styling formats such as Bold, Italic, Bullet points, or numbering. Save your note upon completion.

Upon saving, you can seamlessly proceed to create another note by selecting the "New Note" button.

Edit a Note

  • In the "Notes" pop-up, click on the note you wish to edit.

  • Select the "Edit" icon button to make changes.

  • Save your edited note.

Delete a Note

  • In the "Notes" pop-up, click on the note that you want to remove.

  • Choose the "Delete" icon button and confirm the deletion.

Search for a Note

Within the Note pop-up, you can also search for a note by typing some keywords to see the matched results.

Sort the Note list

By default, the note list is sorted by Created Date from newest to oldest. You can click on the button to see the option to sort the list by Edited Date, or click on the arrow icon to opposite the list from oldest to newest.

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