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How to customize the list of metrics to track, and add metric results

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The Metrics feature allows you to enter and track client progress through a multitude of metrics.

Access the Metrics page

To start, click the Metrics tab from the client page. 

Choose what metrics to track 

Select metrics

Click on the + Add Metric icon in the lower left corner of the metric list. Everfit has a large default list of metrics you can choose from. Simply check or uncheck a metric to to include them on the list of tracked metrics for a particular client.

Note: Remember to choose at least 1 metric before you save.

Create a custom Metric

If you can't find the metrics you want to track in our default list, create your own with ease. Simply click the + Add New Metric button in the lower left corner.

Once you've selected + Add New Metric, you can then enter a metric name, type, and unit of measurement. 

Track client progress

Once you have customized your list of desired metrics, click on any metric in the metric list to see specific data and measurements for that metric. 

Update an individual metric

You can save a result for an individual metric by choosing the metric and selecting the + Add Result icon in the Progress section.

Besides adding the measurement value, you can also add the date and time of entry.

Update multiple metrics at once

You can add results for multiple (or all) metrics at once by clicking the Update All icon on the right side below the metric list. 

Set a metric target 

You can save a target number under the Details section to set a goal for your client. This will help you keep track of their progress towards the goal.

Pro tips

  • Assign your client recurring body metric tasks to remind them to log measurements and improve accountability here

  • You can also disable the metric function for an individual client here

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