Reminding your clients to measure their body metrics every-week via text and even remembering to do so are time consuming and inefficient. Tasks feature does all the heavy-lifting work for you with push notifications and reminders at 10am their time.

Create a task

From the client list, go to a client Dashboard and click on the Task menu.

Similar to the Training Calendar, click on the + button to create a new task.

Create a Body Metrics task:

Assign your clients to track specific body metrics. Write a short, yet descriptive and actionable task title. Add a note or instruction to the task if needed.

Create a Progress Picture task:

Similar to body Metrics, you can provide more details and instruction on the title and note.


Drag and Drop: Simply use drag and drop to move the tasks to different dates.
Copy and Paste: You can copy a task and paste it into any designed date.

What your clients see

The system will notify them at 10am the morning of the day that you assign a task(s). They should be able to check off the task, log their body metrics, take their progress pictures, or watch the video you assign.

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