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How to upload and view client progress photos

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Progress photos are a great way to let a client and trainer visualize tangible results.

Add Progress Photos

To start, click the + Add icon in the Progress Photo section.ย 

Upload a photo

From there, you have the option to upload a photo by either dragging and dropping an image or choosing a file.

Additionally, you can select the date it was taken from the calendar.

Prior to uploading the photos, you have the option to tag the images for convenient sorting later. These tags can be categorized as either "front," "left," "right," or "back." Also, you can input the data for Weight and Body Fat.

Also, you have the option to enter data for Weight and Body Fat, and you can also make edits to these metrics at a later time.

Note: Any edited value will be applied to all photos uploaded within the same batch.

Note: Currently, you can either select individual pictures or upload up to 10 pictures simultaneously.

View all photos

You can view all progress photos by selecting the View All icon in the Progress Photo section. Photos will be ordered chronologically by date and you'll find the weight and body fat values displayed at the top right corner.

Access from the Coach App

You can browse and add photos from the Everfit app. To add photos, choose from your photo albums or take a new photo. You can also add, update, and remove tags from a photo from the mobile app.

Access from the Client App

Clients also have the same function so you can have your clients submit photos directly through the app, saving you time.


Compare progress photos

You also have the option to compare progress photos side by side, which can be a valuable tool for visualizing your clients' training results. To arrange the 2 images for comparison as desired, you can easily drag and drop them.

When using the comparison mode, you can simply hover over a photo to locate the 'zoom' icon at the bottom right corner, allowing you to zoom in or out.

You also have the flexibility to adjust the photo ratio and move the photo around when it's zoomed in. To restore the current ratio to 100%, click on the reset icon.

Pro tip: You can assign a client recurring tasks to take progress photos, and we will help you send reminders. Learn more about assigning tasks.

Delete a photo

To remove a progress photo, just choose the image from the left panel and then click on the 'Trash can' icon located at the top right corner of the image.

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