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Overview: Metric Group Library
Overview: Metric Group Library

A library for metric group templates

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Everfit's Metric Group Library helps you manage all your metric groups easily and efficiently. You can also share certain Metric Groups with your teammates.

Create a Metric Group

From the left navigation bar, go to the Metric Group Library and click on the “Add new metric group” button.

Enter a metric group name then click on the "Add Metrics to Group" button to select the metrics from the metric list to add to your group. You are able to adjust the sharing settings for your group as well.

After the metrics are added to the group, click Save or Save & Close to finish.

Edit a Metric Group

From the Metric Group Library, you can simply click on the menu "..." button of a Group to edit it.

Note: When you change a Metric Group in the library, it will not affect the Metric Groups that have already been assigned to your clients. However, when you assign a Metric Group in the future, it will always use the new configuration.

Duplicate a Metric Group

Click on the menu “...” button and choose to duplicate the Metric Group. A screen will appear that lets you customize the Metric Group before duplicating it.

Hit Save or Save & Close when you’re done.

Remove a Metric Group

From the same menu, you will be able to remove a Metric Group on the main page.

Sharing settings

When creating a new metric group or editing an existing metric group, you can click on the Sharing icon to update the sharing settings (the metric group will be private to you by default).

Then a pop-up will be displayed to allow you to choose whether to keep the Section private for your own use or share it with other coaches on your team.

Assign a Metric Group

To add a metric group to a client, navigate to the Metrics tab within the client's profile, click on 'Add New', and select an option to add.

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