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Program Habits in Autoflows

Create and assign habits to multiple clients simultaneously. Meet your new best friend: autoflow habits!

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Just getting started? Check out the Autoflow Overview

Create habits in autoflow

Customizing an Autoflow habit is just like programming a client’s habit from their task calendar.

There is so much more to a successful training program than just workouts. That’s why we created the most flexible habit coaching system.

Schedule repeated habits

When creating habits in a By Day Sequence or By Exact Date autoflow, you will be able to customize the repeat by choosing the frequency (daily or weekly), the days you’d like to repeat the habit, and for how long these habits will be repeated.

Note: You will only be able to edit the repeat settings of autoflow habits directly from the Autoflow Tasks calendar, not from an individual client’s task calendar.

Edit habits

Simply click on one of the habits and make your changes. You can choose to change:

  • The details of your scheduled habits

  • The days of your scheduled habits

  • The frequency of your scheduled habits

Everfit will automatically update the habits after you click save or save & close.

Just like with the training calendar, your Tasks calendar is a base for all the clients in your Autoflow. So you can still adjust for individuals who may have a special set of habits.

Important Notes

With autoflow sync:

  • If your clients haven’t logged their habits, any edits will be synced to their calendars. For habits clients already logged, only the ‘End Date’ will be synced.

  • If a habit has ended for your clients, none of your updates will sync with them.

  • If a habit has been deleted from the client’s task calendar, it will only be synced again when you change the habit period.

If an autoflow/client is paused

If an autoflow or a client’s status is Paused, their habits will automatically end and be unlinked from the autoflow. When you reactivate the autoflow or client, the assigned habits will be newly created and synced for them from Today.

Note: Autoflow habits are indicated by a green dot on the client’s task calendar. When they’re unlinked from the autoflow, the green dot disappears and the habits look like other regular ones created from the individual task calendar.

Mark as Complete or Remove clients from autoflow

When you ‘Mark as complete’ a client or remove them from the autoflow, all habits will end automatically for the client, and past habits will be unlinked from the autoflow.

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