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Introducing Habit Coaching

Implement habit coaching seamlessly.

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Habit Coaching enables you to prescribe habits to clients to help them improve their lives and become better versions of themselves.

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Example of Habits

  • Sleep before 10 pm 💤

  • Meditate for 5 minutes 🧘‍♂️

  • Drink 8 glasses of water 💦

Create a habit

  1. From the client list, navigate to a specific client’s Dashboard and click on the Task menu.

2. Click on the (+) button to create a Task and choose Habit.

3. From there, you can either select from a library of habits or create a custom one.

4. When you click “Create Custom Habit,” a pop-up will show up and enable you to fill in all the details for a daily or weekly habit.

How to save, end, and delete a habit.

When you click on the “...” button of a habit, you will have the option to:

  • Save to library: to reuse easily in the future.

  • End habit: all upcoming occurrences from today onwards will be removed from the client’s calendar.

  • Delete habit: all occurrences of this habit (in the past and future) and insights will be permanently lost.

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Habit Period

  1. Update the start and end date.
    Note: You can set a habit that starts from a past date.

  2. Choose to repeat daily or weekly.

Set up a Reminder for a Habit

While creating or editing a habit, you can easily toggle the switch to set up a custom reminder for your client. Choose the time then you are good to go - we will do the nudging job for you.

Note: The push notification will be sent in your client's timezone.

Advanced Settings

Under advanced settings, you can enable clients to comment on a habit by simply toggling the switch on.

What your clients see

When clients log into the app, all daily habits will be displayed on the main 'Today' screen. And when your client has completed your assigned habit, they can tap the checkmark button to mark off the habit for completion.

Web platform

All habits assigned to a client can be viewed from their Overview page next to the Training section.

Understand Habit Insights

Once a client completes a habit, you can view the insights in a dashboard.

After the client tracks their habit, from the Task calendar, you will see both the Habit and the Insight tabs.

On the Insights tab, you will be able to view the clients:

  • Current streak

  • Best streak

  • Daily average

  • Completed days, and percentage: Total completed days within the month / Total assigned days in the month.

A streak is defined by the number of consecutive days the habit is completed over the number of days it’s assigned.

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