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Nutrition Coaching: Macros
Nutrition Coaching: Macros

Track nutrition and count calories with the Macros tracker, now with MyFitnessPal Integration and Cronometer Integration

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Nutrition is an integral part of everyone's health and key to holistic fitness coaching. Some even say fitness is "20% Training, 80% Diet".

On Everfit, you can provide Nutrition coaching for your clients using our intuitive Food Journal or the Macros tracker, available for all Pro or Studio plans.

We’ll walk you through how to set up Macros tracking for your clients.

Check out Everfit Nutrition Coaching Tutorials here.

How to set up Macros Tracking (Web and Coach App)

On the Web Platform

1. Select a client you would like to train with Macros and click on the Macros tab.

2. To start, follow the “Set Goal” button to begin setting up the target values of the 3 macros for your client.

3. You have 2 ways to set the macro goals: either manually by numbers you input, or automatically calculated based on client attributes that contribute to an estimation of TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure).

Auto Calculate

  1. Fill in the client’s Age, Gender, Height, Weight, Body Fat, Activity Level, and Goal. (The standard Mifflin-St Jeor BMR equation is used as the basis for calculation.)

  2. Select 'Submit' to automatically calculate the target macros.

  3. Check to see if the macro target numbers make sense for your client, and adjust the numbers as you would like. Click 'Save' to set the macros goals.

Set Manually

  1. If you know exactly what values or ratio of the macros to set for your client, you can choose to set the macros based on Grams or by Percent of the total caloric goal.

  2. Using Percent, fill in the client’s Total Calories Goal, and then the percent distribution for each macro: Protein, Carbs, and Fat.

    Note: the percentages need to add up to 100%.

  3. Using Grams, all you need to do is fill in the grams target for each macro, and the total calories will be calculated for you. Click 'Save' to set the macros goals.

Rest day macros (optional)

Besides setting the daily macros goal for your client to use every day, you have the option to set a separate Rest day macros goal. When you set up Rest day macros, we will label the main macros goal as "Training day macros"

Start by choosing how to define a Rest day:

  1. Any day there are no workouts for the client, or

  2. Specific days of the week.

After you choose a definition for "Rest day", select your inputs to auto-calculate the rest day macros or type in the macro targets manually, just like you did for the daily macros goal.

4. The final step: Save!

Click 'Save' to set up your client's new goals. The goals will apply immediately from today onwards. Once you have set the macros goal, your client can begin training with macros.

On the Coach App

1. From the Client List, select a client you would like to train with Macros and click on the Macros container

2. Click on the “Set Goal” button to begin setting up the target values of the 3 macros for your client.

Client Macros Tracking

Once you have set up a daily macros goal for your client, all your client needs to do is log their meals daily. They will find the macros feature accessible from the Today screen or Coaching screen.

Integration with MyFitnessPal & Cronometer

Your clients can sync their MyFitnessPal Food Diary or Cronometer Food Diary with Everfit.

Macros Report

Once a few daily logs have been collected, the Macros tab will begin showing details of the client’s daily calories and macro distribution. This will give you a snapshot of how closely your client has been adhering to the goals you have set. You can also switch to the Daily view and dive into a particular date.

Using macros data, you will be able to have more detailed conversations with clients regarding their diet and overall fitness progress. This will teach your clients to be more cognizant of what they eat and how it may affect their health.

Ok, now you’re ready to coach clients using macros!

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