If you are doing a hand-off approach with your nutrition clients, this feature is perfect for you. With this setting turned on, your client will be able to add their own Macros goal upon logging into the app.

Set Macros Goal on Client App:

Your client can access the Set Daily Goal button on the Today or Coaching screen. There are 2 ways to set this up:

  1. Set Macros Goal by %

    1. Enter the total Cal

    2. Add the % distribution for Protein, Carbs, and Fat (Please note that all macronutrients just sum to 100%)

  2. Set Macros Goal by gram

    1. Enter the total gram for Protein, Carbs, and Fat

    2. Total calories will be automatically calculated

Edit Macros Goal on Client App:

Your client can always edit the daily goal easily. On the Client app, click on the note button, then your client will see the Edit Goal button. Click to edit the daily goal.

As a coach, you can always update the goal from the Coach Web Platform or the Coach App.

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