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Client App: MyFitnessPal Integration

How to sync your MyFitnessPal food diary with your macros

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If you have been tracking your diet progress on the MyFitnessPal app, you can now transfer recent data to the Everfit App with our integration. Your coach will be able to view your meal logs and other nutritional information without having you log this information twice.

1. Login to your Everfit account on the Client App and go to the You page. Access your Profile Settings by tapping on the avatar button in the top right corner of the screen.

2. Within the Settings page, select App Integrations. Select MyFitnessPal to start connecting.

Note: Make sure your coach has turned on the 'Macros' feature for you to be able to see the MyFitnessPal integration.

3. Enter your MyFitnessPal ID to begin the connection. MyFitnessPal will require you to log in and change your Food diary sharing settings to begin syncing data with Everfit. It will take a few minutes to import all of the data.

You can find your MyFitnessPal ID by opening your Food Diary and looking at the URL:

โ€‹4. Once connected, make sure to go to your MyFitnessPal app to update the Sharing settings.

  • In the Settings page of the MyFitnessPal app, click on Diary Settings

  • Select Diary Sharing then tap on Public to change your diary sharing.

After completing all of these steps, the sync will begin, and when it's done, you can start viewing your most recent macros data logged on MyFitnessPal in the Everfit app! Future meals logged will also be synced into Everfit automatically, as long as sharing is set to "Public".

Data sync between MyFitnessPal and Everfit

Once your MyFitnessPal is integrated, Everfit will begin to automatically sync your Food Diary data in the background. Each food item, its calories, and its macros will be saved.

The sync will occur every time you open the app, but there will be a 30 minute break in between syncs, so in case your MFP macros data hasn't showed up, you can check back later. Your macros will also be synced when your coach checks on your macros as well.

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