It is a seamless process for clients to sync their MyFitnessPal food diary with Everfit (check out this guided article), but there are 2 common errors that will cause their MyFitnessPal food data to not show up:

  1. Using their email instead of their MyFitnessPal ID

  2. Not turning "Diary Sharing" settings to Public

How to check for these 2 common issues:

To check whether your client input the right ID or turned their sharing settings to Public, you can navigate to the client's profile and choose the Macros tab, where you will see a link (circled in red below).

The link will bring you to the client's MyFitnessPal food diary. If they did not use the correct MyFitnessPal ID, it will show that the diary is "Invalid" and does not exist. You can also check the web address bar to see if they entered an email instead of their ID.

And if they did not set their "Diary Sharing" settings as public, then it will say that the diary is "Private".

Wasn't that easy to check?

Everything is connected, but Macros is still not showing up?

Their food diary is connected and public, but they still can not see the Macros container on the Today or Coaching screens. What should you do?

The last step is for you to set up their Macros Goal.

We want to make sure if a client is using macros to track their nutrition intake, they are being guided by their coach in the process. So make sure to set a goal for your client, and they will be able to start seeing their macros in no time!

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