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How to create a daily or weekly habit
How to create a daily or weekly habit

Create a daily or weekly habit and assign it to your client

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Create a habit

  1. From the task calendar, click on the ‘+’ button to create a new habit.

2. From the pop-up, select a custom background color and icon, then name your habit.

3. Select a tracking unit from the dropdown and enter the number as a goal.

4. Next, choose “Per day” for a daily habit or “Per week” for a weekly habit.

5. Specify the Start and End date.

6. Choose to repeat the habit daily or weekly.

7. Toggle the switch to set a reminder.

8. Click on Advanced settings to enable the comment capability for clients if needed.

9. Click Save or Save & Close when you’re done.

Understanding Habit Insights

The habit insights show how your clients are doing including their current and best streak, daily average, and daily completion status completed.

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