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How to Set Up Repeated Tasks

Assign repeated tasks for your clients

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Repeated tasks make client management more efficient. You can use it to assign the same tasks to your clients with just a few clicks - there’s almost no need to copy and paste tasks anymore! 🎉

You can repeat tasks weekly, on particular dates of the week, or monthly.

How to create a repeated task?

We’ve made it easy for you to schedule repeated tasks. Just follow these simple steps!

  1. Start from the task calendar of a client or an Autoflow

  2. Click the + sign on the day you would like to start the repeated task

  3. Create a new task and add task details

  4. Once you’ve set up your task, click on “Repeat”

  5. Lastly, customize the repeat by choosing the frequency (weekly or monthly), the days you’d like to repeat the task, and for how long these tasks will be repeated

  6. Click “Save & close”

And, ✨VOILA✨, you’re done setting up a repeated task!

What if you want to edit your task (change details, days, frequency)?

Yes, that’s possible. Just click on one of the repeated tasks and make your changes. You can choose to change:

  • The details of your scheduled repeated tasks

  • The days of your scheduled repeated tasks

  • The frequency of your scheduled repeated tasks

Everfit will automatically update the tasks after you click save.

Can I remove my repeated tasks?

Of course! From the calendar view, click on the “...” menu of a task and choose “Delete”. You will be prompted with 2 options:

  • Choose “This & Upcoming tasks” to delete all repeated tasks that follow the task selected.

  • Choose “Only This Task” to delete that specific task from the sequence.

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