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Autoflow Tasks

Add progress photos, body metrics, and custom tasks to an Autoflow

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Just getting started? Check out the Autoflow Overview.

Autoflow Tasks

Customizing an Autoflow task calendar is just like adjusting a client’s task calendar. 

There is so much more to a successful training program than just workouts. That’s why we created the most flexible task coaching system. 

From the task calendar, you can program...

  • Weekly check-in’s.

  • Progress checks using photos.

  • *Progress checks body metric coming soon*

  • Habit reminders; like meditating or drinking water.

  • Share blog posts, videos, and other motivations!

Just like with the training calendar, your tasks calendar is a base for all the clients in your Autoflow. So you can still adjust for individuals who may have a special set of tasks.

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