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Show Workout Details for Studio Programs

Choose whether to show the details of each workout in the Studio Program Overview for clients

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Studio program settings

  1. From the studio program’s Settings page, you will be able to select how the workouts show up for your clients.

2. There are 4 options for you to choose from:

  • Show all workouts: allow clients to view all the workout details with no limitation

  • Do not show details: hide all the details of the workouts so clients can’t preview

  • Show Week 1: Only show the details of workouts in Week 1 and lock the remaining weeks

  • Show Weeks 1-2: Show the details of workouts in Week 1 and 2, and hide the rest from the clients

What your clients see

When viewing a studio program from the client app, there will be a lock icon at the top right corner of the workouts indicating that the workout details are hidden.

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