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Resource Collections: Deliver on-demand content and Create a Content Hub
Resource Collections: Deliver on-demand content and Create a Content Hub

How do I share documents, links, pictures, forms, and more? Like a Google Drive for your clients

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Resources and Collections are designed for Fitness Coaches and Gyms to deliver On-Demand Content to your clients!

  • Available as an Add-on to Pro Plans

  • Available for all Studio Plans

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Quick Links:

Resources and Collections provides a central hub that helps you store, organize, and share different types of resources with clients, all in one place.


1. Navigate to the Studio Package page from the left-side menu bar.

2. Under the 'Studio Collections', simply click on Resources to access your library of resources. This is where you will be building up your repository to use for Collections.

Some examples of useful resources are:

  • Special promotions or monthly updates

  • Gym or facility hours, gym rules, social distancing protocols

  • Links to gym website or social media (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram)

  • Videos of workouts, meditation sessions, or welcome guides

  • Recipes and nutrition tips

  • Music playlists

  • Guest passes and workout cards

  • Forms & questionnaires

3. Start by adding your first resource. Once you have added a few, then all you need to do is create a Collection and assign specific clients to the collection.

1. How to Add Resources

1. On the 'Resource' page, after clicking on the + Add Resource button, you can choose to add a link or document.

2. Once you’ve selected which type of resource to add, all you need to do is add a resource name, the link or file, and a cover image (optional).

Below is what it looks like when adding a document. You can upload pdf, doc, or xls files.

2. How to Create a Resource Collection

1. To create a Resource Collection, simply click on the Create button at the bottom of the Resources page, or click on + Add Collection on the Studio Collections page.

2. Customize your new collection by adding a title. This will help you remember which group of clients this collection is for.

3. To add resources, simply click on the + Add Resource button, and you will be shown your library of resources to choose from.

4. Select the resources you want to add to your new collection. You can have a maximum of 25 resources per Collection.

5. Lastly, name your section. This is the title your clients will see on their Coaching page (see below).

Add a cover picture for your Collection

Upload a nice cover picture for your collection to display on the Coaching Screen

Create different Section

Add multiple sections to present your content the best way!

Choose the Best Layout for each Section

Choose from one of 4 different layouts for each section that you can choose to display your content. Click and preview how it will display for your clients in real-time!

Click on the Format button to open the popup, pick the card design, and update!

3. How to Assign Clients to a Collection

Once you have chosen your resources and arranged them in the order you want, all that is left to do is to assign clients to the collection.

To assign clients, click on the Clients tab on the top of the page. You can search for your clients and simply click on the client to add them. A list of selected clients will appear on the right side for you to review and save.

Note: You can assign up to 10 collections to a client.

4. What your Clients will Experience

Once your client has been added to a Collection, they will see the Resources section show up on their On-demand tab. The cover image of Resources will show the image of the first resource.

And once they open the collection, all the links and documents you have prepared for them will be available one easy tap away!

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