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Workout Collections: Launch your own on-demand Netflix-style training content portal.
Workout Collections: Launch your own on-demand Netflix-style training content portal.

Create an on-demand training content portal that your clients can access anytime, anywhere

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What is a Workout Collection?

With On-demand Workout Collections, you can simply organize a folder of workouts for a client to do this week, or you can set up an extensive content portal with workouts and videos that clients can search and engage with on-demand. It's flexible, powerful, and easy to set up at the same time.

What are some use cases for Workout Collections?

  • Coach clients for 1:1 training that aren't using the traditional calendar style programming

  • Create a database of searchable workouts and offer low-cost subscriptions for your members. Tier access by membership level.

  • Create a learning course for sports (video-based skills training)

  • Offer additional resources such as stretching or mindfulness routines

  • Repurpose and generate money $ on recorded workouts

Quick Links:

1. Navigation and How to get started

Navigate to the Studio page from the left-side menu bar.

Step 1: Create on-demand workouts

Step 2: Create a Workout Collection

Step 3: Create categories inside your new Workout Collection

Step 4: Add the on-demand workouts to the new categories

Step 5: Publish the Workout Collection & Share it with your clients

2. How to Create an on-demand Workout

Note: This is different from the workouts in your workout library.

On the “On-demand Workouts” page, after clicking on the “+ Add New Workout” button, you can choose to add Regular Workout or Video Workout.

  • Option 1: A Regular Workout - a workout from your Library that your clients can track and log their progress.

    • You can search for a workout to copy from your workspace's library

  • Option 2: A Video Workout - a Youtube/Vimeo URL that your clients can just watch. It is perfect for skills training or recorded workout routines.

    • You can add a workout video by inserting a Youtube or Vimeo link

Choose Workout Labels

Workout labels help you and your team to organize the on-demand library easier. They also help your clients to be able to find the workout based on their preferences.

  • Level and Duration Labels are required for every on-demand workout

  • To add more labels: Click on + More Labels to add more labels to the workouts

[video-to-gif output image]

Choose an eye-catching workout thumbnail

Click on the thumbnail container to change the workout thumbnail.

3. Create a Workout Collection

Step 1: Create a new collection

a. To create a Workout Collection, simply click on the “+ Create New Collection” button at the top right of the “Workout Collections” page.

b. Add Collection Name and Collection Type for the new collection.

c. When you are inside the new collection, add a cover image and description. A nice cover image will make the collection appears nicely on the client app’s on-demand screen.

Step 2: Create a Category

You can use Category as a way to organize your collections. Here are some examples of how you can name your categories:

  • Categorize the collection by topics (eg. skills, tactics, rules, etc)

  • Categorize the collections by training timeline (eg. week 1, week 2, week 3, etc)

  • Categorize the collection by workout type (eg. HIIT, Cardio, Tabata, etc)

There are so many ways you can play with categories to make your content hub searchable and convenient for your clients!

a. Click “+ Create New Category” to add a new category to your collection. Name the category. Then you will be redirected to the Category Detail screen.

b. Give the category more details by adding a Category cover image and Category description.

Step 3: Add on-demand workouts into each category

You can choose the workout to add from your “On-demand Workouts” list. There is no limit to the number of workouts that you can add to a category.

You can also search and filter for the desired workouts. If you couldn't find a workout you want in the list, you can click “Add New On-Demand Workout” and it will bring you back to the “On-demand Workouts” page.

You can easily rearrange the order of the workouts inside a category. You can also move the workout to the bottom of the list or to the top of the list.

Step 4: Activate the categories to make them available to the collection.

You can always deactivate and reactivate it again to control what you want to be visible in the workout collection at different times.

Step 5: Design and Publish your Workout Collections

Back to the Workout Collections page, you can find all the Categories you created showing up as a list and a preview phone screen on the right side to check how your clients view the collection in real-time.

Only “Active” categories can be shown on the preview phone screen.

All finished? You can then publish the workout collection by using the dropdown to change from Draft to Published

Click on the Format button to open the popup, pick the card design, and update! You can choose from one of 4 layouts for each category to display your workout collection.

4. How to Assign Clients to a Collection

To assign clients, click on the Clients tab at the top of the page. You can search for your clients and simply click on the client to add them. A list of selected clients will appear on the right side for you to review and save.

5. What your Clients will Experience

Once your client has been added to a Collection, the "On-Demand" tab will show up on their navigation. They can then see all the workout collections that are shared with them.

Other On-Demand Solutions:

  • Studio Programs: Give clients access to on-demand training programs that they can start, pause, stop, and restart anytime.

  • Resource Collections: Deliver on-demand content and Create a Content Hub

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